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Launch your job board quickly!

Job boards are a great B2B opportunity with lots of money making possibilities.

It's an 'unsolvable' problem and companies will always need a way to hire great people.

You can help them, with a niche job board tailored to a specific group of people.

You can check out a demo here: https://speedyjobboard.webflow.io

How to make money with a niche job board

  • Sell job board listings to companies
  • Sell newsletter ads to companies and startup founders
  • Build your profile and promote your other projects to job seekers e.g. you have an AI product for job seekers or a productized service
  • Follow successful examples like We Work Remotely, Jobs in Startups, Remotive, 4dayweek, Echo Jobs, and RanchWork and many more

Who is this for?

• you want to validate your job board idea quickly

• you like building with no-code tools like Webflow

• you want to explore a modern, responsive Webflow design

Who is this not for?

• You're a Gigachad 10x dev who can make a job board in 5 minutes whilst deadlifting 300 kilos.

You don't have to be a programmer

  • No coding skills required here - just use this simple Webflow template to validate your idea.

What do I get?

  • A Webflow template you own forever, with no Speedy Job Board branding or attribution and zero subscription fees! Pay once, own forever. (You need a Webflow account to use this)
  • Video documentation with captions so you can get up and running quickly
  • One thing: you cannot resell the template

My embarrassing story

I spent months coding a job board from scratch, struggled, and eventually built it with Webflow. Once it was launched I was able to sell job ads and get companies to sponsor the newsletter. I later sold the website for 4 figures. I wish I had this template when I started!


Newsletter sign-up form in header to build your email list

• Category filter CMS pages for different types of jobs, perfectly optimized for SEO (and better than most other no-code sites!)

Job listing CMS pages

• Dedicated Hire CMS page with a pricing table for free and paid listings

• A video showing you how to connect Webflow to Tally Forms with Zapier so job submissions are added automatically to your website

• A video showing how to take payments with Stripe with Tally Forms (you can also use any payments system you like)

• No libraries or plugins required!

• Detailed documentation in video format with captions

• SEO and copywriting tips provided throughout the video

Final word

This is the easiest and quickest way to make a job board!

Start your job board today

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In June you'll get a link to a Webflow template you can clone and full instructions on how to set up your job board

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Speedy Job Board

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