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Grow and Monetize Your Newsletter

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This is my best value course package!

A bundle of my Grow Your Newsletter and Monetize Your Newsletter courses. Save money by buying both of these courses, which compliment each other very well. 

With these courses you will not only be able to grow an email list; you'll be able to make money from it as well.

Why you need this

Growing and making money from your newsletter can be hard.

But with my courses you can learn how to grow your list faster - and make money!

In July 2023 I made over $3,000 in newsletter ads just through DMs and emails. I've also sold a newsletter I made for remote jobs for 4 figures.

I've got over 9,500 subscribers so you are getting lessons from someone with lots of experience. I even got 1,000 subscribers in one week once with my jobs board newsletter for self-taught developers!

I've also learned how to sell ads without any training. A lot of my sales are to people who have never bought a newsletter advert before. I go through how to do sales as a complete beginner - you don't need any previous knowledge for this.

Who is this for? 

Anyone who wants to grow a newsletter to thousands of subscribers and make money from their list.

Whether you are new to newsletters or experienced, there is something for everyone here.

None of the steps require spending money on ads so this is the perfect course for indie hackers on a budget.

The benefits of this course bundle

  • monetize your knowledge or passion
  • be confident in sales negotiations
  • build a 1:1 relationship with your audience
  • sell more products by growing your newsletter
  • build your email list to attract more sponsors
  • learn the pros and cons of different monetization strategies
  • grow and monetize your email list so you can sell it later for a profit 


None of these tips cost any money to execute!

You just need to have a newsletter or be willing to create one.


Each course is 90 minutes long and is available as a streaming video.

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Two 90-minute courses on growing and monetizing email lists. One checklist Google Sheet for growing your newsletter. 30% off EmailOctopus paid plans for the first 3 months.

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Grow and Monetize Your Newsletter

0 ratings
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