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Why you need this course:

Growing a newsletter is hard

But with my course you can learn how to grow your list faster

I've got over 9,000 subscribers in 4 years so you are getting lessons from someone with lots of experience

I even got 1,000 subscribers in one week once with my jobs board newsletter for self-taught developers!


• Introduce yourself each time so people don't unsubscribe

• Look at your reports to see how emails perform and change accordingly

• Double opt-in benefits

• Add a freebie to get people to sign up

• How to use pop-ups without being annoying

• Making sure sponsors are a good fit

• Make it easy to unsubscribe

• How to get people to link to your newsletter

• Make your newsletter look good on mobile

• Writing subject lines so people open emails

• UX tricks on forms

• Use social proof in forms like Harry Dry

• Show the benefit, not the feature of signing up

• Let people read previous articles to remove hesitation in signing up

• Make it easy to sign up

• Choose a fast growing topic which solves a problem for your audience

• High traffic websites to post your newsletter

• Add links to your twitter bio, your email signature

• Include links to your newsletter in your blog posts

• How to create urgency

• Cross promote with other newsletters of a similar audience

• Leverage other people's following e.g. share an interview with a big name or analyze their business

• The benefits of going on podcasts

• DM people on LinkedIn

• Avoid the UI dead-zone trap

• Send every week and tell subscribers when you will send it

Who is this for? 

Anyone who wants to grow a newsletter to thousands of subscribers and beyond

Whether you are new to newsletters or experienced, there is something for everyone here

Why you need this course

You will learn how to grow your email list so you can

• have a 1:1 relationship with your followers instead of relying on social media algorithms

• sell more products

• get better paying jobs

• find consulting gigs

• get more money from sponsors

• promote your Product Hunt launch

• influence more people


None of these tips cost any money to execute!

I've never used ads to grow my newsletters and you don't need to either.

You just need to have a newsletter or be willing to create one.

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Full access to a video course recorded with a professional microphone. There is also a checklist provided in a google sheet that you can refer back to after the course so you don't have to take notes!


Grow Your Newsletter

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