Grow Your Newsletter

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Grow Your Newsletter

Pete Codes

Why you need this course:

Growing a newsletter is hard

But with my course you can learn how to grow your list faster

I've got over 9,000 subscribers in 4 years so you are getting lessons from someone with lots of experience

I even got 1,000 subscribers in one week once with my jobs board newsletter for self-taught developers!

Who is this for? 

Anyone who wants to grow a newsletter to thousands of subscribers and beyond

Whether you are new to newsletters or experienced, there is something for everyone here

Why you need this course

You will learn how to grow your email list so you can

• have a 1:1 relationship with your followers instead of relying on social media algorithms

• sell more products

• get better paying jobs

• find consulting gigs

• get more money from sponsors

• promote your Product Hunt launch

• influence more people


None of these tips cost any money to execute!

I've never used ads to grow my newsletters and you don't need to either.

You just need to have a newsletter or be willing to create one.

I want this!

Full access to a video course recorded with a professional microphone

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